We are in this business of manufacturing and selling Swiss eta watches in dubai from the last 18 years and we deliver worldwide. We always keep our research and development going forward to understand about new types of Swiss watch movement technologies. We know about the intricate details of every Swiss ETA movement used in various original Swiss watches & our master watchmakers manufacture the same to near perfection.

Our Swiss ETA watches are exactly identical to the real Swiss watches

We achieve this by the following ways:

The Genuine Swiss Movement is completely disassembled and all parts, dimensions and compositions are analyzed and then manufactured using CAD/CAM, CNC lasers with the exact same metal alloy as used in the genuine movement. So the Super Clone Swiss ETA Movement has the exact same dimensions, weight, looks and mechanical properties, since all the metal alloys are identical. Our Super Clone Swiss ETA watches movements are calibrated within COSC certification limits. We use reverse engineering in order to manufacture the 1:1 clone movement and the result is an identical movement with accuracy down to a nano meter. Every marking, engraving and serial numbering – ‘no matter how small’ – is precisely kept in mind in the manufacturing process and can be cross referenced.

Swiss Automatic Movements Uniqueness - 'Fine Sweep Seconds Hand Motion'

With 28.800 vph (vibrations per hour) our Swiss ETA replica watches in dubai have identical ‘Fine Sweep Seconds Hand Motion’ – same as the genuine Swiss watch movement. So they are exactly identical visually and functionality wise too.

Less Friction with Nano Lubricants

Our Super Clone Swiss ETA Movements are lubed with Advanced Nano Technology Lubricants which protect and extend the movements life. Our Swiss ETA movement watches operate with less friction and it keeps running with minimum service needs. Once every 5 years is the recommended service-lubrication period.

'Importance Given To Every Minute Detail'. We have even manufactured the Rolex Blue Hairspring.

All our Swiss ETA watches in UAE have identical parts – manufactured to match even the minutest of details. The greatest testimony to this fact is that even the ‘Blue Parachrom Hairspring Oscillator’ has been manufactured to perfection. The oscillator in our Rolex super clone movements beats eight times a second, or more than 250 million times a year!

Finer than a human hair, the ‘Blue Parachrom Hairspring’ is manufactured by fusing niobium & zirconium. The two metals are fused together in high vacuum at a temperature of 2400°C with a precise quantity of oxygen and so we create the Blue Anti-Magnetic Hairspring which is up to ten times more accurate than traditional iron, nickel, cobalt and chrome hairsprings. This makes the super clone movements in our Swiss ETA watches nearly impossible to make out if it is a real or a fake movement. All this has been done for a purpose. So, whenever any Jeweler will open the case backs of Swiss Watch Club’s Super Clone Swiss ETA Watches, he will immediately spot this Blue Hairspring and will have no doubt that it’s a real Rolex Watch.

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