Solid 18K Gold & Rose Gold Wrap

We at use Solid 18K Gold & Rose Gold Wrap in our super clone replica watches in dubai .

Will the Gold / Rose Gold or other colours used in these Rolex Super Clone Replica Watches ever fade ?

Not at all! You may have seen cheaper Chinese made watches that have faded on you in the past. That is because generally the Chinese made watches that you buy are not high quality and they use cheap materials! The Chinese watch makers cannot afford to use solid 904L stainless steel, or even real 18k gold or rose gold or PVD Plating. The stainless steel on those Chinese watches is 316L (Low quality), and the gold used is merely a gold type ‘colour’ which is then polished upon as a thin layer. This thin layer usually lasts for a few months on Chinese watches, before the acid in your sweat starts corroding it. After that, the fake gold will wear off, and all you see is a cheap base metal. On the other hand, on our Swiss Watch Club manufactured Swiss Replica Watches – We do Genuine 18k Gold Plating / Wrapping by a revolutionary gold plating technique using solid 18k gold and titanium nitride which offers 100x more durability. They can even be polished without fade. Our Gold Plated Watches can last many years and still look new.

Thick Layer of Real 18k Gold & Rose Gold Plating done on selected Rolex Super Clone Watches

The gold/rose gold on our watches offer life-time durability and won’t wear off and are 100% hypoallergenic, unlike the cheap gold polished chinese watches on the market. In fact your watch will look and feel like a solid 18k Gold watch and not even a jeweler can tell the difference visually.

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